Financial Controller

About the Job 

Conduct risk assessment for all manufacturing stages

Develop internal audit staff and/or modify and enhance internal audit processes as required organizational needs.

Submit audit updates, full reports, or executive summaries to management.

Prepare risk assessment analyses and develop tests of accounting records, internal controls, and accounting systems to ensure compliance with regulations, accounting principles, cost accounting standards, and contract/agreement provisions.

Conduct confirmation programs and compliance testing as necessary to supplement ongoing internal control reviews/audits

Manage and monitor remediation efforts that result from individual internal audits, ensuring the documentation of completed corrective action plans by responsible country office staff.

Review operations worldwide for internal controls and compliance with terms and conditions of donor requirements accounting standards

Reviews and tests procedures and systems of internal controls to ensure they are functioning as planned and in accordance with sound managerial principles;

Provide guidance to internal stakeholders regarding best internal control practices that minimize risk to the organization.

Participate in formulating policies and procedures to improve internal controls.

Maintain reports of significant risks, control activities and remediation’s

Provide technical support to risk management unit in maintenance of Audit Administration data base

Provide support, education and training to staff to build policy compliance and internal control awareness within the organization.

To plan, organize and carry out the internal controls function including the preparation of an audit manual and audit plan

Reports risk management issues and internal controls deficiencies identified directly to the CFO and Company Board and provides recommendations for improving the factory’s operations.

Evaluate compliance, identifying and proposing modifications as needed

Identify areas of strengths and weaknesses and engage in continuous education and staff development best practices

Review the responses to internal and external audit management letter queries to ensure that recommendations are implemented and ensure that all action items are resolved

Evaluate information security and associated risk exposures

Evaluate regulatory compliance program

Evaluate the factory’s readiness in case of business interruption

Provides support to the factory’s anti-fraud programs.

Review, assess and enhance the system of internal financial and budgetary controls and a program of internal control review, covering internal controls activities

Reviews existing internal and financial controls – ensure all processes are mapped accurately, assesses weaknesses

Job Requirements 

Bachelor’s degree, major accounting.

Experience from 5 to 10 years of experience, 2 years in similar position.

Very good Communication skills.

Presentation skills

Core Competencies:

Result Oriented, Strategic Thinking, Organisation and planning.

Effective Communication Skills, Delegation and people management & Analytical thinking.

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